The Woodshed Firewood Deliveries

Driveway policy

We will always try to deliver your goods where you would like them however there are occasions where we are unable to. This might be due to the steepness of a drive, overhead power lines, poor access or one of many other reasons on these occasions we will drop as close to where you want it as we can. Our drivers are instructed not to risk a delivery that could result in any form of damage or one of our trucks getting stuck.

We aim to deliver the wood within two working days of us receiving a paid order however this isn't always possible in really busy times. You can have your order delivered at a later date (within reason) if you have a day that is better for you. We do cannot and do not give specific times for deliveries as there are too many variables involved and trying to stick to a set time schedule reduces the number of deliveries we can get done in a day causing longer wait times for deliveries.


orders of 3 cubic meters or more qualify for free local delivery, our free delivery area is approximately a 25KM radius from our store, our website will calculate any freight costs for your order. 

For all orders less than 3m3 a small delivery fee will apply based on your location. 

Coal and bagged products 

A maximum of 3 bags of coal can be delivered along with firewood. These will be delivered to where the truck is on the property. Due to manual handling restrictions, we are unable to move them around the property for you.


There is a delivery fee for all landscaping products, this is charged at a flat rate per delivery. For most landscaping products we can deliver up to 6m3 per delivery however due to top weight restrictions some products we can only carry 3m3 

Courtesy trailers available

Want to take it home yourself? feel free to use one of our courtesy trailers to get the product home. There are 4 trailers in total 2 capable of holding 2m3 and 2 capable of holding 3m3

Terms of hire:
  • All trailers must be signed out - by doing so you are agreeing to the following terms
  • Trailers are to be returned within 2 hours of leaving and by the close of trade for that day (Mon-Fri 5:30 Sat 2:00)
  • Trailers are to be returned in the same state as they were taken out
  • If the D shackle provided doesn’t fit your vehicle then you must provide your own
  • Trailers are only to be used to transport goods bought from us and nothing else
  • Trailers can’t be taken out within the last hour of trade for the day




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