Our Story

The Woodshed is locally owned and operated by real Kiwis, The Woodshed originally opened in 2007 and changed hands to the current owners in 2014. Since taking over the new owners have been heavily investing in the company with the aim of refining our processes and building our infostructure and continually bettering ourselves.

We have added to our range of firewood so we now stock up to 6 various types of firewood and some types such as beech are available in two different forms. In addition to this, we also stock coal and kindling. Your one stop shop for heating your home!

Another addition we have made are two new wood processors so that we can produce more firewood ourselves and not rely on others to supply our wood. This way we can guarantee quality and consistency. 

We produce all of our own landscape materials. The raw materials are mostly salvaged from building and demolition work from around Dunedin and would otherwise go into a landfill. We take the time to screen it and prepare it. We sell topsoil, bark, compost mulch and more at the very best prices in Dunedin, we even supply a lot of other landscaping merchants around town. 

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